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How to Book a Service

Scheduling your next project in just a few clicks.

Step 1. Select Division

Select from Motion, Still, Design, Web or Campaigns for the service you'd like to book.


Step 2. Select Service

Choose the Service Type. For instance in Motion, select whether you'd like to book a meeting to schedule a Videography or Motion Graphics project.


Step 3. Select Agent

Choose who you'd like to meet with.


Step 4. Select Date

Select the date most convenient for you. If all dates are booked, they will appear red.

In this case, schedule a Consultation with us. For this example though, we're completely free!


Step 5. Select Time

Choose the time. Meetings are set for 1 hour duration.


Step 6. Register or Login

Register with us so we know who we're meeting with. Or login if you've already worked with us.


Step 7. Review

Review your booking information.


Step 8. That's It!

You're meeting is all booked. Select the User icon in the Menu to go to your Hub. Here you can view all your past and current bookings, cancel them or chat with your service agent.

View this page for more information on your Hub.