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Introducing the smartest way to save your data.

cloud storage with a mind of its own.

MediaMill access is powered by intelligent A.I. to help make finding your most important files easier than ever.

Content Discovery

No more wasting time searching through folders. Just enter a keyword and get relevant results in seconds.


Our Optical Character Recognition software not only converts any scanned document into searchable data, but will also extract any text from a JPEG or TIFF image.

Object Detection

Search phrases like ‘cup’, ‘phone’, ‘friend’ or ‘wedding’ and our technology will instantly deliver any matching files. It’s accurate and fast.

Facial Recognition

This is a cool way to find potential matches to people that already exist in your image library. As an added function, you can now easily search and manage photos by putting a name to the face.

no byte left behind.

Get started by syncing your data from the most popular storage services including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Or download our desktop or mobile app to secure the data on any of your devices. You can login via your smartphone, tablet or computer and all your data will be analyzed, organised, and indexed within our advanced architecture without impacting your device’s performance.

access granted.

Share your files with an unlimited number of users. Send raw 4K footage to your production team, backup your website’s database and files or store all of your firm’s legal documents in cold storage. Each file and who can access it is under your control.

MediaMill access offers an effortless way to search and view all of your files on-demand, in one intuitive, integrated system that can be used by anyone.

fully featured.
simply designed.

MediaMill access began as a way to share the many different types of content we create with some of our clients and overseas production teams. We’ve recognised that the same system we use to help store, organise and share our content can help other businesses and professionals as well.

Finding your data should be stress-free. A standout feature of MediaMill access is that it automatically sorts your files for you. Upload any file and the technology will organise all of your documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs and presentations making them more accessible.

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